Who I am



Hi everyone! I’m Rosa and I’m 34.  In February 2016 I moved to Columbus, Ohio, with my beloved husband Antonio. (Yes, it’s his fault!) I’m Italian and I come from Ferrandina, a very small town nearby the famous Matera, in Basilicata region (south of Italy). I lived in Florence, Paris, and Lucca and I‘ve been living in Columbus for 4 years, now, and when I started this blog the idea was just to create something to be connected with my family and my friends.

I love writing and these posts were really important to me because I was able to express myself and my feelings. Also, writing down my thoughts was very helpful, above all at the very beginning, in order to understand what was my place in the USA.

Now, after 4 years, I’m happy to say that I found it. I’m working as Italian and Art Instructor at the University and in a Private school, Italia in Ohio and I’m so glad this blog keeps reminding me where I started.

I really love to work, to teach and travel! And beside many trips in Europe, here in the US, my husband and I are exploring maaaany States. And for sure we will stick with that! I’m trying to keep update the Postcards section with all our pictures! 🙂

If you want to find out more about the American life and culture this blog could be useful for you!

Greetings and Vie En Rose to all!

Ps. Paris is the City of My dreams…but this is another story!





14 risposte a "Who I am"

  1. Che bell’ idea Rosa!!! con tanto piacere ti seguirò’ ogni volta che scriverai. Ti penso molto e sorrido quando ti immagino alla scoperta di tanti luoghi carini. Un grande bacione a presto!!!

    "Mi piace"

  2. Ciao Rosa!!!!!! GRANDE….bellissima ideaaaa……..non ti arrendere che sarà un’esperienza fantastica ed io non vedo l’ora di leggere i tuoi articoli. Io 6 anni fa sono stata 2 settimane tra NY e Washington…e ti dico solo che x cercare di comprendere il suono strano di quell’accento americano ci abbiamo messo 3 giorni…hahahahahahahah!Enjoy your time!!!

    "Mi piace"


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