My first English Post! Columbus impressions

The moment has come! From now I’m going to write a few posts in english language.

At the beginning I think there will be many mistakes. 🙂 But I need to start somewhere and my american friends want to read my blog… So…

I’m going to do a brief description of my first thoughts about the city. 😀

Columbus is a “small” american town, (small for american standards – very big for the italian people) but it is very surprising. The first, very first impression was a little bit shocking!

Homes, major roads, houses…everywhere. No pedestrian areas, no historic centre. For an italian girl, with a degree in art history, all looks very strange. After first sensations I realized the city was no bad…  In Columbus there are many parks, a lot of restaurants, some museums and many events like musical or concerts…Really! I have something to do here! Maybe, so far…more here than in Italy!

Now, after nearly three months, I can say that I’m very glad and enthusiastic about my american life. I can have new experiences, learn about different culture and …why not? To improve, finally and actually, my english!

Talk to you soon with new english, brief thoughts…

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