5oth Post!

This is a great day, because I’m writing my 50th post on the blog! Doesn’t this sound absurd!? It’s incredible!

This milestone was absolutely unimaginable when I started to write (10 months ago!).

I decided to celebrate this strange goal with an English post.

I’m not really good yet, but I’ve got to try. It took a while, but now I can write down something without spending a lot of time with my translator. Obviusly, I write as I think (in Italian!) but I hope I’m going to think in English too. (I’ve already started to dream in english… *.*)

25th January marks 11 months in Columbus.

In these months something is really changed. My life and my perception about the City and the USA.

11 months ago, I was lost. New world, new life, new streets, NEW FOOD, new friends. I can remember my first impressions very clearly.

Now, I can say I feel at “home”. I take my remote control without fear. 😀 I go to the gym without terrible thoughts. I don’t spend several hours to study (just a few) 🙂 I’ve started to study for my Driver’s License quiz. I’m taking a new American class,  I’m writing every month an article for “La Gazzetta Italiana”. I have new friends. And…PROBABLY, I’ve found a job! (MAYBE!) There are a lot of incredible other things and you’ll discover them soon!

Here, everyone has an Italian member in the family! Everyone! When they figure out you are Italian, their eyes become stars! And so, it happens to have the weird feeling that you are at home. 🙂

Anyway….. In the meantime, you know, I’m traveling a lot. With my mind and, obviusly, with the plane! 😀 I discovered many stunning places. I have the USA map really fixed in my mind and on my computer! 😀 From time to time, I open the Map and I begin to walk around with my mouse… 🙂 But, it’s just to improve my knowledge about the USA! What are you thinking?! 😛 I can’t wait to see other cities and landscapes! This is a great and beautiful part of my plan here. 😀

11 months of challenges and happiness. Just some afternoon of sadness, above all melancholy. Actually, there is just an Ocean between my family and me!!!How should I feel?!

Small but real steps. I’ve started to figure out idioms and phrasal verb; after “How is it going?” I answer only “I’m good!”and other American tiny things that are in my life and I don’t know how it’s possible. (!!!)

I just want to say “Thanks” to everyone! It could be stupid but when I write I know that I’m not alone. When I started to write, I didn’t even know what a blog was! -.- Now, I’m writing “The fiftieth post”. Sounds incredible! And it took the same time that I normally spend for an Italian post! :/  (I hope there are not many mistakes. 😦 )

Thanks for your patience, for your interest and for your friendship. 🙂

I can’t wait to hear from you by SMS, facebook or comments!

See you soon with “The 51st!”

2 risposte a "5oth Post!"

  1. Holy shit!!!!!! 50? Wow …. I don’t know why but as I was reading it my italian accent came out……yes you could definetely tell you still think in Italian. …all you have to do is throw away the english/italian dictionary and you’ll learn to think in english

    "Mi piace"


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